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General Purpose Field-of-view Vision Metrology

ET-Measure is an add-on package (software, camera, & cabling) that turns any trinocular microscope into a field-of-view vision metrology system. ET-Measure is used for many applications requiring low volume high precision measurements. The ease of use interface, coupled with powerful vision metrology software, makes ET-Measure the solution of choice for semiconductor, FPD, MEMS, medical device, and micro-fluidic device manufacturers.

Measurement Capabilities

Line Width

Used for measuring lines and spaces within the field of view.


Line need not be aligned with rectangle, algorithm will adjust.

Double click in box and the line width is captured

Can compare to tolerance for pass/fail

Can save data and image to data log

Results are displayed as Line Width, Delta angle (degrees), Straightness of each edge

Straightness – the distance between two lines parallel with the best fit line.

If the edge is perfect, the straightness is zero!!


Used to measure the angle of two connected edges.


Results in the angle between the edges and the straightness of the edges


Used to measure circles by placing the square around the circle and double clicking.


Can compare to tolerance for pass/fail

Can save data and image to data log

Results are displayed in X & Y in the field of view, Diameter, Circumference, and Roundness.

Roundness – the distance between two circles concentric with the best fit circle.
If the circle is perfect, the roundness is zero!!


Used to measure circles, but with annular region of interest, instead of a box.


Results are the same as for the Circle. Use if the circle of interest has concentric circles, or there are artifacts that interfere with the circle measurement box.

Can compare to tolerance for pass/fail

Can save data and image to data log


Used for manual measurements, drag the crosshairs to the desired locations and release.


Results in X distance, Y distance, Straight line distance, and the angle represented by the line connecting the two crosshairs.

Multiple Object Processor

Used to count, size, and sort objects of various sizes. Double click in the box for the results.


Results in a count of the number of objects found, area in units squared of each object, location of each object, and other data depending on set up.

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